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On this page you'll find out about:
  • The steps you must take to obtain a driver's licence
  • Tips and tools that will help you succeed

Steps to getting your first driver's licence

Here is how you get started

  1. Be prepared and study
    Before coming in, prepare yourself as much as possible by studying the driving guide and taking our free online practice knowledge test service.

  2. Apply for your Learner's (Class 7L) driver's licence
    To obtain a B.C. driver's licence, you must:

    • Be 16 years old (If under 19, bring your parent or legal guardian to sign for your application).
    • You must pass a Knowledge Test, and a vision screening test.

    More on getting your Learner's (L) Licence ».

  3. Learner's stage driving
    After passing the Knowledge Test and meeting all application requirements, you'll get a Class 7 Learner's (L) licence that is valid for 2 years. You must obey the L restrictions while you learn to drive. During this time you must drive with a qualified supervisor. Read the Tuning up for Drivers guide to get additional tips on driving during your learner stage.

    You will have your Learner's (L) for at least 12 months before you can take your Class 7 road test. More on the L stage ».

    To obtain a B.C. driver's licence, you must be 16 years old (If under 19, bring your parent or legal guardian to sign for your application).

  4. Class 7 road test
    After 12 months in the learner's stage, you are eligible to take your Class 7 road test. Your knowledge, road manoeuvers, "See-Think-Do" approach and hazard spotting ability will be tested.
    More on the Class 7 Road Test ».

  5. Novice stage of Graduated Licensing Program (GLP)
    When you pass the Class 7 road test, you'll be given a Class 7 Novice (N) licence. You will need to display an N sign and obey the N restrictions. You will remain in the N stage for at least 24 months. More on the N stage ».

  6. Full privilege class 5 road test
    After 24 months in the Novice (N) stage, you may take the second road test - the Class 5 road test. Take the test when you feel ready. Once you pass, you will be given the full privilege class 5 licence.

Before taking the real Knowledge Test at your local driver licensing office for the Learner's licence (class 7L), you can practice using the Online Practice Knowledge Test.

The practice test is based on "the book", learn to drive smart (formerly RoadSense for Drivers). This is a reference and study manual about driving for all B.C. motorists, with illustrations of road signs, manoeuvers and other driving tips. You will need to study this manual closely to pass the real knowledge test.

Remember - you need 80 percent on the real knowledge test to pass.

How the practice test works

Each time you take the practice knowledge test, 25 multiple choice questions are randomly assembled. For each question, four possible answers are offered. Select your answer and click OK.

The test will tell you whether your answer is correct or incorrect. It will also refer you to the related page in learn to drive smart.

Any time during the practice test, you can check your progress by clicking the Status button. This will let you know if you're on track to pass. See example.

Once you have completed a practice test, you'll receive your score. See example.

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